file transfer protocol

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file transfer protocol

[′fīl ¦tranz·fər ‚prōd·ə·kȯl]
(computer science)
A set of standards that allows the user of any computer on the Internet to receive files from another computer, or to transmit files to another computer, after the user has specified a name and password for the other computer. Abbreviated FTP.
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File Transfer Protocol

(FTP) A client-server protocol which allows a user on one computer to transfer files to and from another computer over a TCP/IP network. Also the client program the user executes to transfer files. It is defined in STD 9, RFC 959.

See also anonymous FTP, FSP, TFTP.

Unix manual page: ftp(1).
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file transfer protocol

A communications protocol used to transmit files without loss of data. A file transfer protocol can handle all types of files including binary files and ASCII text files. See Kermit, Zmodem and FTP.
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Sunrise Telecom(r) Incorporated (OTC: SRTI.PK), San Jose, Calif., a leader in test and measurement solutions for telecom, cable and wireless networks, has announced the next generation of its CM2000(tm) cable modem network analyzer with simple network management protocol (SNMP) and Telnet testing, integrated file transfer protocol (FTP) and new options for a CAD viewer and signature capture.
User Datagram Protocol, Src Port: 32769 (32769), Dst Port: tftp (69) Source port: 32769 (32769) Destination port: tftp (69) Length: 27 Checksum: 0xf9c4 [correct) Trivial File Transfer Protocol Opcode: Read Request (1) Source File: large.d Type: netascii
If files are shared among central and remote workers, FTP, or file transfer protocol, is a handy way to convey and store them.
Under the partnership SDS will distribute and support a bundled solution combining SSH Tectia Server for IBM z/OS and the SDS FTP Manager (SFM) product to provide a comprehensive encryption and secure FTP (File Transfer Protocol) automation solution.
After making it you will then need to upload your podcast (the mp3 file and your rss) file onto your website this can be done with a ftp (file transfer protocol).
It seems the latest stunt is using FTP (File Transfer Protocol) to provide access to information.
For the past few decades, most computers users have been relying on the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) over Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) to move files between computers.
The new release is said to include a range of new features, including: support for Session Initiation Protocol (SIP); support for NAT IP pools; the Clavister Device Monitor; support for PCAP recording; anti-spam functionality; support for Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP); extended Broadcom support; as well as enhanced support for SNMPv2c.
The SSH Tectia client/server solution is designed to secure sensitive company data-in-transit, delivering encryption and support for heterogeneous computing platforms and multiple authentication technologies, along with enhanced SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) capabilities.
You can create content offline and upload it via FTP (file transfer protocol).
This quasi line-of-sight system is used by itself or integrated into the command post network, as part of the Joint Network Transport Capabilities System, to allow commanders and MiTT leaders faster access to collaboration tools like File Transfer Protocol servers; real-time intelligence like Unmanned Aerial Vehicle feeds; and COPs like Maneuver Control System.
In addition to such production parameters as color-positioning capabilities and FTP (file transfer protocol) site log-ins, the Web site also includes emergency contacts at the papers.