fillet gauge

fillet gauge, radius gauge

A gauge used to determine the radius of curvature of small concave or convex surfaces.
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Tenders are invited for Axle Fillet Gauge Made From Hardened 6.0Mm Thick Alloy Steel For Checking Axle Fillet Of Roller Bearing, Duly Calibrated And In Padded Carrying Case As Per Drawing No.
Tenders are invited for Weld Fillet Gauge,Measure 11 Fillet Weld Sizes For Concave Or Convex Welds Similar To Model No.- Mi-Wg-11.
Lot 5 - equipment expert - 5 Sensor Digital Level Digital Tape measures rolled, Tape measures rolled, measurers of consumption fork truck, Fillet Gauges, Fillet Gauges, Gauges thread cylinders, gauges thread cylinders, gauges thread cylinder, stand magnetic sensor, electronic gauges, caliper multi-terminal, multi-function gauges with clamp, gauges with extended jaws, Feeler, chain wear indicators.