filling station

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filling station

a place where petrol and other supplies for motorists are sold

Filling Station


an establishment which dispenses liquid fuel, oil, water, and air to automobiles, motorcycles, and other motor vehicles and which sells packaged petroleum products, car accessories, and spare parts. Filling stations are located on highways and in communities with convenient access roads for automobiles. Some out-of-town filling stations have cafeterias and facilities for the technical service, routine maintenance, and washing of automobiles.

The equipment of a filling station includes fuel, oil, water, and air pumps, underground fuel, oil and electric pipelines, fire extinguishers, and a compressor. The fuel and the oil are kept in underground metal reservoirs. The pumps are placed on concrete platforms. Automation of the filling processes is very promising; it raises the capacity of the filling station and lowers fuel losses and labor requirements. Automation is achieved through such means as remote control of fuel and oil dispensing, obtaining of fuel from automatic pumps with the help of a key or a punch card, a loudspeaker communication system between the filling station operator and the pumps, and mechanization of the accounting of the filling station.


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With over 30,000 filling stations scattered all over Nigeria, oversight function of these outlets by the Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR), had become grossly inadequate leading to massive smuggling of the product through our borders, Sunday Tribune investigation has revealed.
With two water filling points, the Tanker Filling Station is well equipped, with the required telecommunication and collection devices.
The court declared that such filling stations were highly dangerous for humans and also directed DCs of Sukkur, Ghotki and Khairpur to take action against them and submit similar reports.
00 rupees but owners and staff of some CNG filling stations in Mardan had been charging per kilogram as Rs.
Thus, the number of gas filling stations under the SOCAR brand in Georgia has reached 26.
CNG distributing agency, Indraprasth Gas Ltd ( IGL), has stopped supply to these filling stations because of non- payment of dues.
Most modern town centres I have visited have a filling station and a McDonald's and I am sure they would provide some parking space.
A spokesperson for Exxon Mobil Central Europe did not wish to comment to Bloomberg on the potential sale of the filling station network.
Sheikh Abdullah bin Salem Al Qasimi, Deputy Ruler of Sharjah, SEC mandated the Sharjah Department of Economic Development to take all necessary action, including closing down all the Group's filling stations and associated facilities, if it failed to meet the 72 hour deadline.
Pink Sheets: EGTK), has started work on the first filling station linked to the transmission system in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Of the 30 hydrogen filling stations in Germany, only seven currently formed part of public filling station operations.
Instead of being based on square footage, the new demands are based on total turnover in our filling station and convenience store," he said.