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(graphic arts)
A continuous length of 35-millimeter film containing a number of still photographs, drawings, or charts, which are projected on a screen one at a time.



(in Russian, diafil’m), a short film composed of a number of positive images (slides) that have a common topic; less frequently, the pictures are not so connected. Filmstrips are usually produced on color or black-and-white film by the reverse process or by combining two separate (negative and positive) processes. A microfilm is a special variety of filmstrip.

Filmstrips are viewed through a viewer (for individual use) or a projector (to reproduce the image on a screen). Sometimes a sound recording of a spoken narrative or of background music is run simultaneously with the showing of a filmstrip. Filmstrips serve as visual aids in schoolwork, during lectures, and for propaganda purposes. They are an important tool of education and help children to develop their aesthetic taste, curiosity, and good working habits. In the USSR filmstrips are produced by the Diafil’m studio (established in 1930 in Moscow).

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Two program sets--six filmstrips, six audio cassettes and teacher's guide.
The Lost Filmstrips of Father Carlos La Vegas de Cordova -- Shot in the style of the "cat juggling" filmstrip, three more horrific practices are captured on film.
The desktop scanner delivers outstanding results with its true 3200 x 6400-dpi resolution and built-in slide and filmstrip adapter for conveniently making duplicates or enlargements from 35mm slides and negatives.
Experiment with such industry techniques as the Pleasantville Effect, the Ken Burns Pan and Scan Technique, and the Filmstrip Effect
Filmstrip with cassettes and guide, six filmstrips, $185.
8 Three restored films by Tony Conrad with live performance (Millennium Film Workshop, New York, March 27, 2010) With a strip of celluloid attached to head and foot, Tony Conrad performed with a bow, using the filmstrip as the "string"; he then screened three hilarious and surprising shorts from the 1970s and '80s.
Movies will be featured in THR's Charts section and Box Office Talley and, each month, THR will promote and announce the winner of the Purple Filmstrip Award.
I recall Byron Temple, a potter who, in a filmstrip, said that his first spout dripped water because it wasn't angled properly.
Each panel of the Filmstrip invited the user to explore a different aspect of our new car--the sleek exterior, the details of the interior, the engine designed for performance," said Maurizio Spagnulo, Digital Marketing Director, Alfa Romeo and Fiat Group Automobiles.
They are essentially slide or filmstrip programs translated to VHS.
The redesigned user interface has 3 views: Thumbnails, filmstrip and single file with Zoom functionality.
Such effects are heightened in Western Round Table, 2007, a metaphoric dialogue between two projectors arranged opposite each other and which both fire off a blinding light accompanied by a faint sound track; and in Enigmatic Whistler, 2009, a work consisting of a projector resting on the floor, wrapped in its own filmstrip.