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(graphic arts)
A continuous length of 35-millimeter film containing a number of still photographs, drawings, or charts, which are projected on a screen one at a time.
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(in Russian, diafil’m), a short film composed of a number of positive images (slides) that have a common topic; less frequently, the pictures are not so connected. Filmstrips are usually produced on color or black-and-white film by the reverse process or by combining two separate (negative and positive) processes. A microfilm is a special variety of filmstrip.

Filmstrips are viewed through a viewer (for individual use) or a projector (to reproduce the image on a screen). Sometimes a sound recording of a spoken narrative or of background music is run simultaneously with the showing of a filmstrip. Filmstrips serve as visual aids in schoolwork, during lectures, and for propaganda purposes. They are an important tool of education and help children to develop their aesthetic taste, curiosity, and good working habits. In the USSR filmstrips are produced by the Diafil’m studio (established in 1930 in Moscow).

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As a technology specialist in her building, she managed much different equipment, which included 16mm film and filmstrip projectors, Betamax TV/ VCR combinations, and cassette players.
In the course, students watched a filmstrip depicting sexual intercourse called About Your Sexuality.
(14) Filmstrips such as Family Life (1949) and Friendship Begins at Home (1949) emphasize the family as the locus of personal satisfaction if all family members act as equal contributors.
Contains three filmstrips. Topics include: hunting with the Eskimos village Three records are also included;
embedded in resources; manipulated to create your own filmstrips; have different commentary added.
the player (as Hamlet) [must] edit three filmstrips in order to proceed.
Szafranski is a wildlife and nature photographer whose work has appeared in National Geographic books and filmstrips. Barrington Bear Visits the Emperor is his first book and the follow-up will depict a safari.
Filmstrips, slides, film loops, and other obsolete materials have been omitted.
She diffuses and extends the confines of the filmic medium by making direct manual interventions on found filmstrips from various origins, using painting techniques in order to hide or accentuate specific color tones and to accumulate and condense the most elementary visual parts that make up the photographic/filmic image.
THE CLICKING PROJECTOR, grainy images, off-base predictions--remember those great old filmstrips? Chris Moore, a former Texas science teacher, turned his love for these and other vintage educational tools into a profitable business.
The built-in 35mm transparency adapter enables easy scanning of positive and negative 35mm slides and filmstrips. And Microtek's exclusive FilmView light table in the lid of the scanner provides the uniform light needed to sort and select the film images to scan.
The best educational materials on civil defense that I'm aware of are the filmstrips (in Russian) used in mandatory classes at all levels of Soviet public education.