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(graphic arts)
A continuous length of 35-millimeter film containing a number of still photographs, drawings, or charts, which are projected on a screen one at a time.



(in Russian, diafil’m), a short film composed of a number of positive images (slides) that have a common topic; less frequently, the pictures are not so connected. Filmstrips are usually produced on color or black-and-white film by the reverse process or by combining two separate (negative and positive) processes. A microfilm is a special variety of filmstrip.

Filmstrips are viewed through a viewer (for individual use) or a projector (to reproduce the image on a screen). Sometimes a sound recording of a spoken narrative or of background music is run simultaneously with the showing of a filmstrip. Filmstrips serve as visual aids in schoolwork, during lectures, and for propaganda purposes. They are an important tool of education and help children to develop their aesthetic taste, curiosity, and good working habits. In the USSR filmstrips are produced by the Diafil’m studio (established in 1930 in Moscow).

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These materials included trade books, encyclopedias (hard copies and CD copies), magazines, videotapes, laserdiscs, filmstrips, CDs, learning kits, and information from on-line services.
view the filmstrip entitled Geometrical Figures and answer the related questions located next to the projector.
She also made many recordings, filmstrips and videos for children.
Among the most popular audiovisual materials developed by the Center were the filmstrips Unlearning Asian Stereotypes and Unlearning Indian Stereotypes.
Remember those scratchy filmstrips (early VNRs, actually) with titles like Aluminum and You?
Although we had read about different communities in the United States in our social studies books, watched filmstrips and movies and researched the topic in reference books, we had not learned enough.
Following up on the radio appeals, Profamilia instructors appeared in factories, union halls, and schools, using everything from filmstrips to puppet shows to promote contraception.
As part of its educational program, the NSSF has placed nearly 90,000 pro-hunting filmstrips and videos in the nation's schools, resulting in a dramatic improvement in teenage attitudes towards hunting.
The unit can handle multiple film sizes including 24 frames of 35mm filmstrips, 12 mounted 35mm slides, two 4" x 5"transparencies, and medium format up to 6 x 17 cm panoramic.
Bolstered by a selection of stills hung in chronological rows like filmstrips, the "Time As Activity" works, as with Reading of an Extract, seem to rail against the rigidity of time by visually extending moments, only to then establish a heightened sense of sequential order.
When they formed Graphic Associates in 1949 they concentrated on animation, design and filmstrips rather than commercial photography or live-action production.
The AV materials may include videotapes, CD ROMS, films, filmstrips, illustrations, snapshots enlarged for class viewing with an opaque projector, internet and worldwide web, as well as computer packages, among others.