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(graphic arts)
A continuous length of 35-millimeter film containing a number of still photographs, drawings, or charts, which are projected on a screen one at a time.



(in Russian, diafil’m), a short film composed of a number of positive images (slides) that have a common topic; less frequently, the pictures are not so connected. Filmstrips are usually produced on color or black-and-white film by the reverse process or by combining two separate (negative and positive) processes. A microfilm is a special variety of filmstrip.

Filmstrips are viewed through a viewer (for individual use) or a projector (to reproduce the image on a screen). Sometimes a sound recording of a spoken narrative or of background music is run simultaneously with the showing of a filmstrip. Filmstrips serve as visual aids in schoolwork, during lectures, and for propaganda purposes. They are an important tool of education and help children to develop their aesthetic taste, curiosity, and good working habits. In the USSR filmstrips are produced by the Diafil’m studio (established in 1930 in Moscow).

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14) Filmstrips such as Family Life (1949) and Friendship Begins at Home (1949) emphasize the family as the locus of personal satisfaction if all family members act as equal contributors.
Shortly thereafter I was holding the wet filmstrip up to the light, and my heart sank.
There are no computers or calculators, no filmstrips or videos.
Disillusioned with working on innocent post-war NFB filmstrips outlining the importance of nutrition and workplace safety, many writers.
She is in the glow of electronic card catalog that has found exactly all the books you want; she is in the voice imprinted on a CD-ROM, serenely narrating the life cycle of moths; she is in the hum of a printer giving you list of more books, magazines, videotapes, talking books, records, CDs, filmstrips, mad software you might enjoy.
It also features Movie Maker, which allows students to create their own filmstrips, and the Craft Corner, which comes with digital photo projects such as stickers, calendars and gift boxes.
The 2001 NASCO Agricultural Sciences catalog has been updated with videotapes, filmstrips slide sets, software programs and other items for the classroom.
A useful metaphor for cyberpublishing is multiple layers of moving, orthogonal filmstrips in various stages of completion.
In addition, the students could access materials found on CD-ROMs, laser discs, the World Wide Web, videotapes, as well as more conventional materials such as filmstrips (which often included narrated cassette tapes) as well as textbooks, trade books, and magazines.
Libraries have always assumed stewardship over a variety of formats--books and maps, filmstrips and videotapes, audiotapes and vinyl disks.
Semiconcrete materials (illustrations, slides, videotapes, filmstrips, CDs, computer software and personal computers, as well as films should also be located at each station, along with abstract learning materials such as textbook and workbook materials, photocopied problems, reading activities, writing experiences, listening/participating through discussions and cassette recordings, among other tasks.
Groups such as the Institute for Creation Research are extremely active, providing books, filmstrips, and other materials to schools to help raise acceptance of "creation science.