final approach leg

final leg

final leg
i. The flight path extending from the end of the base leg in the direction of the landing to and along the extended centerline of the runway (or landing path) to the threshold of the landing runway (or landing path). Also called the final approach leg.
ii. The last leg of the trip involving a number of segments.
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The NTSB determined the probable cause(s) of this accident to include: "The pilot's failure to maintain adequate airspeed while turning to join the final approach leg of the airport traffic pattern with full airplane-nose-up trim, which resulted in the airplane exceeding its critical angle of attack and experiencing an aerodynamic stall.
During the final approach leg I was focusing on the visual cues out the front windscreen and the side window--not the instrument panel or the instructor's actions.
* For the final approach leg, 1.3 [V.sub.SO] should be used.
A GPS plot was generated from the RDM data and revealed the airplane turned on to the final approach leg at 2010:15, at a GPS altitude of 1211 feet.
Subsequently, as the Cirrus was entering the final approach leg at about 1900 feet, the Gulfstream overflew the Cirrus at about 2100 feet.
When the airplane began its turn on to the final approach leg from the left base leg of the traffic pattern, the engine was heard to stop.