final grade

grade level

The level of the surface of the ground after the cut and fill process has been completed.
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Each goal is assigned a portion of the total number of possible points or a percentage of the final grade.
ASD NOLA received a final grade of "outstanding" as their overall finding in areas represented in Control Division, Material Division, Carcass Tracking, Government Purchase Credit Card Program, Training and Security, Pre-Extended Bin (PEB) Branch, as well as other supply management functional areas.
Teachers cannot factor "behavior" - such as homework, class participation or tardiness - into the annual report, which will not necessarily be a student's final grade.
5 points, experience and quality of players available for the execution of the assignment: 10 points, value service: 40% of the final grade: quality of customer (call, website, meter reading) Service: 15 points; quality billing mode: 10 points, ability to ensure equal treatment of users and continuity public service: 15 points; financial value: 30% of the final grade.
The purpose of this study was to examine the effects that in-class texting behavior had on the final grade score in a freshmen level introductory social science course.
In a prepared statement, he said that it would allow school districts and parents to "have a voice on whether end of course exams should count towards a student's final grade.
Similarly, Falakmasir & Jafar (2010) used data mining to rank students' activities which affected their performance, as measured by their final grade.
FUNABASHI, Japan - Second pick Dream Journey reeled in top favorite Buena Vista with a monster surge on the final straightway Sunday to win the Arima Kinen, the final Grade One race of the year in Japanese horse racing.
Only the C group's average final grade was changed by inclusion of the lab/homework score, but that group's average exam score already straddled the C/D border (i.
This methodology served two purposes for students in the course: 1) this self-regulatory strategy helped them to learn the material and prepare for the upcoming Praxis examination and 2) students were able to earn extra-credit points towards their final grade in the course.
Do we have to contact CAA for his official statement on what his final grade in that ballroom dancing class was?