final grade

grade level

The level of the surface of the ground after the cut and fill process has been completed.
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Due to this, students, especially those belonging to the Education and BBA departments, are under undue pressure, as they have been given four assignments during this time period, and the teachers would deduct marks from their final grade if they fail to submit their work.
Students with prior learning in biology will both aspire to a greater final grade, and have a higher confidence of achieving that aspiration, than students without such prior study;
Each goal is assigned a portion of the total number of possible points or a percentage of the final grade. The written research proposal, for example, may be worth 5 percent of the total grade and is due early in the process.
ASD NOLA received a final grade of "outstanding" as their overall finding in areas represented in Control Division, Material Division, Carcass Tracking, Government Purchase Credit Card Program, Training and Security, Pre-Extended Bin (PEB) Branch, as well as other supply management functional areas.
Teachers cannot factor "behavior" - such as homework, class participation or tardiness - into the annual report, which will not necessarily be a student's final grade. The law, quietly passed by the Legislature in 2011, is intended to give students an accurate view of what they know.
The purpose of this study was to examine the effects that in-class texting behavior had on the final grade score in a freshmen level introductory social science course.
In a prepared statement, he said that it would allow school districts and parents to "have a voice on whether end of course exams should count towards a student's final grade."
Quantitative data analysis: Predictive relationship between online question theme and final grade
FUNABASHI, Japan - Second pick Dream Journey reeled in top favorite Buena Vista with a monster surge on the final straightway Sunday to win the Arima Kinen, the final Grade One race of the year in Japanese horse racing.
Only the C group's average final grade was changed by inclusion of the lab/homework score, but that group's average exam score already straddled the C/D border (i.e., the C group's average exam score was 69.2).