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theory and practice of conducting large public and private dealings in money. Important institutions of private finance include those that deal with insuranceinsurance
or assurance,
device for indemnifying or guaranteeing an individual against loss. Reimbursement is made from a fund to which many individuals exposed to the same risk have contributed certain specified amounts, called premiums.
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, bankingbanking,
primarily the business of dealing in money and instruments of credit. Banks were traditionally differentiated from other financial institutions by their principal functions of accepting deposits—subject to withdrawal or transfer by check—and of making loans.
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, stocks (see stockstock,
in finance, instrument certifying to shares in the ownership of a corporation. Bonds are similar evidences of shares in a loan to a corporation. Stock yields no dividends until claims of bondholders have been met.
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), bonds, and other securities. With the development of the national state, public finance—the management of the revenues, expenditures, and debts of the state—has been of great political, as well as economic, importance. The most important source of government revenue is taxes, but sale of public properties and franchises, as well as the sale of interest-bearing bonds, also contribute. Since the Korean War, a large part of governmental expenditures has gone for various military and defense needs. Other important areas of governmental expenditure are health, education, and welfare (the Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid programs); interest on the national debt; and public works. Important institutions of international finance are the International Bank for Reconstruction and DevelopmentInternational Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD)
(IBRD), independent specialized agency of the United Nations, with headquarters at Washington, D.C.; one of five closely associated development institutions (also including the International Center for Settlement of
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 and the International Monetary FundInternational Monetary Fund
(IMF), specialized agency of the United Nations, established in 1945. It was planned at the Bretton Woods Conference (1944), and its headquarters are in Washington, D.C.
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See D. Allen, Finance (1983); D. Swain, Managing Public Money (1987); L. Harris et al., ed., New Perspectives on the Financial System (1988); N. Gianaris, Contemporary Public Finance (1989).


See also Money.
the Paris stock exchange. [Fr. Commerce: Misc.]
Dow Jones
the best known of several U.S. indexes of movements in price on Wall Street. [Am. Hist.: Payton, 202]
Lombard Street
London bankers’ row; named for 13th-century Italian moneylenders. [Br. Hist.: Plumb, 15]
Old Lady of Threadneedle Street
nickname for the Bank of England. [Br. Culture: Misc.]
goddess of commerce. [Gk. Myth.: Kravitz, 88]
Rockefeller, John
D(avison) (1839–1937) multimillionaire oil tycoon and financier, [Am. Hist.: EB, VIII: 623]
Throgmorton Street
location of Stock Exchange; by extension, financial world. [Br. Hist.: Brewer Dictionary, 1079]
Wall Street N.Y.C.
financial district. [Am. Hist.: Jameson, 530]


1. funds or the provision of funds
2. funds; financial condition
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Alharmi pointed out that its long-term focus continued to be on growing its business and positioning the company as one of the leading specialised real estate financiers in Dubai and the Middle East.
The financiers will want to have as much visibility as possible over the hotel operations and cashflow and will often want to see all hotel project accounts held with one of the financiers.
Parallelement, le Maroc est en pole position en matiere de developpement financier en Afrique.
Deux protocoles financiers entre la Tunisie et la France, le premier est estime a 12 millions d'euros pour la protection des entrees maritimes du pays, alors que le deuxieme est un don de 250 millions d'euros.
Since January 2007, many prospective financiers have been rebuffed by these developers primarily due to overvaluing their partially built site to the detriment of investors who bought 612 off-plan apartments.
The purchaser remains the trustee/ bailee on behalf of the financier or the financial institution, it added.
The first Financier Commitment Letter, as required by the Scheme Implementation Agreement from China Development Bank (CDB) confirms the in principle agreement of CDB to provide a debt facility of up to US$1.
e* Once the commodity owner has repaid the finance as agreed the financier returns the Tradeflow Warrant to the commodity owner
They currently have additional leases out for Financier and are actively looking for more 800- to 2,000 s/f locations throughout Manhattan.
The minimum net capital balance for authorised financier and the financee has been proposed to be Rs 10 million, while the financee will not exceed its leverage position in respect of MTS market by five times of net capital balance allocated for MTS market.
In these times of tight credit and liquidity, managing risk is a priority for financiers," said Ahmed bin Sulayem, Executive Chairman, DMCCA.
BEIRUT: Financier Salah Ezzedine has refused to declare bankruptcy, saying he was only going through a "staggering" financial crisis.

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