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Gap (gäp), city, capital of Hautes-Alpes dept., SE France, on the Luye River at the foot of the Dauphiné Alps. A center for tourism, Gap is an agricultural market that manufactures clothing, wood products, and construction materials. Founded by Augustus c.14 B.C., it was the capital of medieval Gapençais, which was annexed to the crown of France in 1512. The city was devastated during the Wars of Religion (16th cent.).
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A region not adequately covered by the main lobes of a radar antenna.
(computer science)
A uniformly magnetized area in a magnetic storage device (tape, disk), used to indicate the end of an area containing information.
The spacing between two electric contacts.
A break in a closed magnetic circuit, containing only air or filled with a nonmagnetic material.
A short region that is missing in one strand of a double-stranded deoxyribonucleic acid.
Any sharp, deep notch in a mountain ridge or between hills.
An opening at the point of closest approach between faces of members in a weld joint.
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An opening, as in a wall; an open joint.
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i. Any space where the imagery fails to meet the minimum coverage requirements. This might be a space not covered by imagery or one where the minimum specified overlap was not obtained.
ii. Breaks in continuous radar coverage. See gap-filler radar.
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1. a break in a line of hills or mountains affording a route through
2. Chiefly US a gorge or ravine
3. Electronics
a. a break in a magnetic circuit that increases the inductance and saturation point of the circuit
b. See spark gap
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(mathematics, tool)
Groups Algorithms and Programming.

A system for symbolic mathematics for computational discrete algebra, especially group theory, by Johannes Meier, Alice Niemeyer, Werner Nickel, and Martin Schonert of Aachen. GAP was designed in 1986 and implemented 1987. Version 2.4 was released in 1988 and version 3.1 in 1992.

Sun version.

["GAP 3.3 Manual, M. Schonert et al, Lehrstuhl D Math, RWTH Aachen, 1993].
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(1) The space between blocks of data on magnetic tape.

(2) The space in a read/write head over which magnetic flux (energy) flows causing the underlying magnetic tape or disk surface to become magnetized in the corresponding direction.
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Swapping of even a Billion Dollars of debt against TBTT would not only help bridging the financing gap but would also prove a respite amid current fiscal struggle and balance of payment.
When asked how they will pay for the treatment of critical illness given the financing gap, 78 percent cited the government while 56 percent said charities or trust.
In an Asian Development Blog, ADB Bangladesh Resident Mission Social Sector Specialist Li Zhigang and South Asia Regional Department Director Human and Social Development Division Sungsup Ra said the total financing gap for infrastructure in Asia is $2 trillion.
In the last fiscal year, the finance ministry had claimed that the financing gap would be $2 to $2.5 billion but it was proven wrong.
ISLAMABAD -- The Asian Development Bank's (ADB) Board of Directors has approved $100 million in additional financing to extend and expand the scope of its Supply Chain Finance Program (SCFP), helping more small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Asia and the Pacific address financing gaps and boost their contribution to the region's economic growth and development.
According to estimates by Asian Development Bank, currently global trade faces a financing gap of $1.5 trillion, hugely impacting trade finance to emerging markets and small and medium enterprises (SMEs).
In addition, the conditions for payments of land have become very difficult and therefore forced developers to pay the value of land in a hurry, as well as extend installment periods, leading to a financing gap for those companies.
Financing gap is the difference between country's estimated gross financing need and available financing.
Summary: There is a need to find ways of engaging new private investors, particularly institutional investors to help address the climate financing gap. To engage the private sector, expected returns on climate-related investment should be commensurate with the perceived level of risk.
World Bank Country Director for Kenya Johannes Zutt said the financing gap facing the East African nation is partly to blame for the poor state of doing business in the country.
The ECB president's stance is expected to make it difficult for Athens to source the EUR30bn that its needs to plug a financing gap.
"Macro-financial assistance is considered appropriate given that there is still a residual financing gap," the Council concluded.