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1. Law the conclusion reached after a judicial inquiry; verdict
2. US the tools and equipment of an artisan
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(Russian, nakhodka) in law, discovering an article lost by another person. Under Soviet civil law, the finder does not become the owner. He must immediately return the article to the person who lost it or hand it over to the militia or executive committee of the rural soviet of working people’s deputies. If an article has been found in an institution, enterprise, or transport vehicle, the finder must turn it over to the administration of the corresponding organization. If the owner is not located within two weeks, the administration turns the found article over to the militia or rural soviet, which keeps the found article for six months. If the owner is not discovered during this period, the property becomes state property. A person who has returned or turned over a found article has no right to a reward, but he may demand compensation for expenditures connected with keeping and turning over found articles.

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