fine pressure

inlet pressure

i. The total pressure taken in the engine inlet as a measure of air density. This parameter is sent to the fuel control for fuel scheduling. It is normally known as P1 pressure.
ii. As it relates to the performance data on pumps, when not other-wise specified, the total static pressure measured in a standard testing chamber by a vacuum gauge located near the inlet port. Also called intake pressure, fine pressure, or head pressure.
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The Reds came storming out of the blocks at Langtree Park in St Helens and opened the scoring in the second minute - thanks largely to some fine pressure from Jerome Sinclair and wonderfully unselfish play from Sheyi Ojo.
Open Date's CEO Gary Cowlard explained, "By using three stepper motors, rather than compressed air as used on conventional machines, the iQ has extremely fine pressure adjustments which means the life of the print head can be doubled in many applications."
However, Higgins pocketed a fine pressure break of 56 to win the decider and keep his hopes of a third UK crown very much alive.
But Higgins, as he has shown so many times during his illustrious career, dug deep and forced a final frame decider with two fine pressure breaks.
machine, which punctures the surface with a fine pressure jet of water so that it does not disturb the smoothness of the greens The English Golf Union has been assisting Hillside in the preparations but with the club's experience in presenting top tournaments Kenyon says: 'They more or less leave it to us.'