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fine-textured, fine-grained, fine-grain, fine-grown

Descriptive of wood of uniform texture having small closely spaced pores or cells.
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Call objects which are such that, for every property, the object either has the property or lacks the property "fine-grained objects." Call objects which are such that, for every property, the object neither has the property nor lacks the property "coarse-grained objects." (Objects of intermediate grain will be objects which have or lack some properties whilst there are other properties they neither have nor lack.).
* turbine turnaround duct (26 lb), turbine inlet housing (35 lb) and first stage vane ring (5.2 lb), produced in fine-grain Mar-M-247;
Fine-grain virtualization allows a network storage controller to mask the complexity of the servers from the storage and vice versa, Communication occurs directly with the network storage controller, which automatically handles delivering the right I/Os to the right location.
Early results showed little difference between using an uncoated boron carbide and an uncoated fine-grain tungsten carbide flat.
To evaluate the overall rate of oxygen entry into wine-soaked oak barrels, the OTR in four fine-grain American oak barrels was analyzed over 12 months.
This makes the ZeroStack platform the first solution to offer cloud-based, fine-grained access to GPU services.
Calculation of the Saturated Hydraulic Conductivity of Fine-Grained Soils
Traditional, fine-grained, whole wheat couscous is definitely a 'last minute, I'm really hungry dish.
Fine-grained grain-supported silcrete is the dominant artefact lithology because of its excellent flaking quality: it is sufficiently versatile to make flake scrapers and retouched microlithic tools.