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fine-textured, fine-grained, fine-grain, fine-grown

Descriptive of wood of uniform texture having small closely spaced pores or cells.

narrow-ringed, close-grained, close-grown, fine-grained, slow-grown

Descriptive of wood having narrow annual rings.
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The Affirmed vSSF also supports fine-grained selection of network resources for 5G networks delivering operators a "5G Ready" solution now.
This Subfacies is comprised of extremely fine- grained to fine-grained matrix of size less than 0.
v) A DLC coated fine-grained tungsten carbide knife and flat reduce pivot hysteresis in the watt experiment by a factor of five.
Before turning to ways in which a coarse-grained theory might try to handle this difficulty, let us ponder the implications of accepting the nonidentities endorsed by the (extreme) fine-grained view by examining that view in more detail.
NTT and Mitsubishi Electric have successfully developed a new fine-grained encryption scheme with the most advanced logic as an encryption-decryption mechanism.
Expands Market Leading Identity Management Portfolio With New Fine-Grained Entitlement Enforcement Engine and Directory Proxy Server
The swirling of such currents would erode coarse-grained soils faster than fine-grained sediments, so that model predicts that larger lakes would turn up in areas with coarse soils.
The CocoBase Enterprise O/R Mapping tool provides JBoss developers' rapid development with fine-grained, fully extendable, Object to Relational mapping layer.
Extending the company's identity-driven offerings and expertise, the Identisphere hardware and software combination solutions suite offers unified policy access management functionality that provides organizations with a seamless solution for both managing multiple & disparate directories, and for developing and managing fine-grained user policy.
Material: Hintertiessen Granite light gray, fine-grained or equivalent;
The fine-grained features also serve as campsites for the multitude of rafters and hikers passing through the Grand Canyon.
When a system designer is trying to determine how many binary and ternary CAMs to embed on-chip, the decision is typically based on how often the searches need to be fine-grained (ternary CAM) vs.