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fine-textured, fine-grained, fine-grain, fine-grown

Descriptive of wood of uniform texture having small closely spaced pores or cells.
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An inspection of the soils that were used by the Flicker revealed pure fine-textured soils and an absence of any nesting materials, invertebrates, or other diet items that may have been targeted by the bird.
This under-estimation in fine-textured soil was due to the fact that the soil specimen during pre-loading was saturated.
If D = 2 is taken to represent a flat surface (11), it is clear that the fine-textured surface has a rather rough character, where D is in the range 2.
Generally, fine-textured grasses are more attractive than coarse-textured grasses.
Lincoln reports in his book, World Woods in Color, that the name pau marfim is also used in South America "for other fine-textured, creamy colored woods, especially for species of Aspidosperma.
The main problem of highlighting is dryness and breakage, so use conditioner after every shampoo and consider using a hair serum designed for fine-textured hair.
Figure 2 shows a very fine-textured mold pattern on a ceiling in a well ventilated, bright room that appears to violate all the conditions necessary for mold growth.
The camera, derived from the Contax N1 film camera, will feature a charge-coupled device (CCD) of up to 6 million pixels, making high-quality, fine-textured images possible to meet camera buffs' demands.
The straight-grained, fine-textured wood is hard and strong.
Generally, the fine-textured grasses are regarded as more attractive than the coarse-textured grasses.
Likewise a classic t-shirt and skirt can be given a touch of unmistakable Parisian chic with a blazer with a large houndstooth-check pattern on a summer-light, fine-textured chenille fabric.
This action produces a smooth, fine-textured dough.