finish coat

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finish coat, fining coat, finishing coat, setting coat, skimming coat, white coat

The final or last coat of plaster, which provides a decorative surface or a base for decoration, usually about to 3/32 in. (1.6 to 2.4 mm) thick.
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Brian Knapp, PPG coil and building products director, industrial coatings, said PPG worked closely with Weaber Lumber Company to select a coating that would give the Finish Coat line a distinct performance advantage over competing products.
Four types of synthetic emulsion-based finish coats, FC1SB, FC2SB, FC3SB and FC4SB; one type of cement-based finish coat, FC5CB; one type of acrylic polymer-based elastic finish coat, FC6APB; and two types of acrylic co-polymer-based finish coats, FC7ACB and FC8ACB were examined.
Three-coat systems incorporate a primer coat, an intermediate coat, and a finish coat. The three-coat systems provide even greater corrosion resistance, durability, and depth.
A regular stain is not a finish coat, and the floor must still be sealed, oiled, waxed, or otherwise finished with a compatible product.
To satisfy the long-term performance and health requirements for the tanks, the fabricator, CBI Na-Con, Inc., Plainfield Illinois, selected Series 20 Pota-Pox, an epoxy-polyamide, as the primer and finish coats for tank interiors and Series 66 Hi-Build Epoxoline as the primer and intermediate coats for the tank exteriors.
EnviroLastic 980 PA is a premium, high build finish coat with long lasting durability and corrosion protection.
The system selected was Interzinc 52HS, a zinc rich epoxy primer, Intercure 384, a high solids, low VOC epoxy, rapid cure micaceous iron oxide intermediate coat, and Interlac 658, a grey durable urethane modified finish coat.
* An attractive and durable finish coat - typically using acrylic copolymer technology - which is both colorfast and crack-resistant.
Tenders are invited for Online single percentage rate offer(s) in two part system are invited from reputed, Resourceful and experienced parties meeting prescribed qualifying criteria for "blast-cleaning, Supply & application of inorganic ethyle zinc silicate primer, Intermediate coat of micaceous iron oxide, Finish coat of epoxy based paint etc for 1x250 mw pp-ii expansion, Nspcl, Rourkela, Odisha
You have options for the finish coat, as different types of latex or oil-based paint can be used.
Tenders are invited for Blast-cleaning,supply and application of inorganic ethyle zinc silicate primer,intermediate coat of micaceous iron oxide,finish coat of epoxy based paint and final finish coat of polyurethane paint of structural steel works pkgs of power house,bunker
In an effort to extend color and gloss retention beyond the demonstrated performance of a urethane finish coat, the City decided to utilize an advanced solution fluoropolymer finish, Series 700 HydroFlon.