finished grade

finish grade

The top surface of lawns, walks, and drives, or other improved surface after completion of construction or grading operations.
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Students who finished Grade 10 at public schools, LUCs and SUCs are automatically qualified for the program and do not need to apply.
Her mother Lolita, used to be the only one in the community who finished Grade 6.
"December is very, very long on components and finished grade," an HSFO trader said.
The Advanced Machine Information and Control System (AMICS) provides an in-cab display showing the blade's position relative to finished grade. A trigger switch on the implement joystick allows the operator to choose manual or automatic operation of the grading box, and with the system in its automatic mode, the operator need only steer the machine and control its speed to achieve precise grades.
Highway shoulders are vulnerable to erosion as soon as the finished grade is completed.
Matobato claimed that he had only finished Grade 1.