finished size

dressed size

The dimensions of a timber after sawing and planing; usually about 3/8 in. (0.95 cm) in thickness or ½ in. (1.27 cm) in width less than the nominal size.

finish size, finished size

The overall size, including trim, of any completely finished component or article.
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If the finished size is (x), you will multiply (x) by 2 then add 1 3/4".
To change the size of this or any pattern, this is the rule to remember: subtract seam allowance first, then adjust the finished size by addition, subtraction, multiplication or division, then re-add the seam allowance to find your new cut size.
The cut size for squares is the desired finished size of one side of the Quarter-Square Triangle unit plus 1 1/4".
For the countertop, the finished size was 42 inch by 96 inch, so my final glue-up was about 46 inch by 100 inches.
Each project lists materials, tools, finished size, level of difficulty, and technique, with complete step-by-step instructions and numerous color photos.
This is accomplished by sending measurement data from a pre-process gauge used to measure the ID of one part to an in-process gauge on the grinder that controls the finished size of the mating part's OD.
They are then bored to finished size. In this operation, the bearing bore can be held to a total tolerance as low as 0.0006" and the press fit can be monitored to assure correct assembly.
The blanks arrive at MRC 1/2 to 1 mm over what their finished size will be, including a reaction layer formed during the isostatic pressing of their manufacture.
I make the pillow approximately 15" x 8" finished size, using pillow ticking or any scrap of cotton material, tightly woven.
Each of the pieces can be customized with the Designer's Choice program, allowing customers to choose the color, hardware and finished size to create a unique look.