finishing varnish

floor varnish, finishing varnish

A tough, durable high-gloss, wear-resistant varnish used on wood flooring.
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The final design consisted of a thin-walled aluminum cast structure, which underwent further processing until the application of the finishing varnish.
Tenders invited for Red insulating varnish, anti track varnish, red insulating & finishing varnish and silicon sealant compound.
the restoration services concern: - cabinetmaking restoration: - complete stripping of the linings, - revision of the assemblies (tenon and mortise), - varnish stripping, sanding, shading (shade to be defined after making samples of chairs and armchairs by the holder of the public contract), finishing varnish, - laying of shock pads in felt, - the manufacture of 24 wooden frames intended to replace the sliding seat slabs, thus making it possible to harmonize with the rest of the seats in fixed seats, - the manufacture of an additional seat cushion for the chair of the chair, - restoration in tapestry in traditional garnish.
Contract awarded for 77175128-anti tracking finishing varnish room temperature curing type brand -re-120 rotomac or si 620/dc 1-2620 dow corning or ultimeg 2000-372 rh prs permacel for use on traction machines of dsl ele
Tenders are invited for Anti Tracking Finishing Varnish Room Temperature Curing Type Brand -Re-120 Rotomac Or Si 620/Dc 1-2620 Dow Corning Or Ultimeg 2000-372 Rh Prs Permacel For Use On Traction Machines Of Dsl Electric Locos As Per Rdso Mpmi No-153/92 Rev.03 Of June -2008
Tenders are invited for Finishing Varnish Anti Tracking Si 620 Dow Corning In Single Pack Or Dc 1-2620 Dow Corning Or Ul Time G 2000-372 Rh Prs Permacel .
Tenders are invited for Finishing Varnish Tva 1410 C And D No 5588/407 For Hs Armature To Specification No Ao 209 Rdso/2008/El/Spec/0081 Re 0 .
Tenders are invited for Finishing Varnish Tva-1410 Specification/Drg.No.A-0209 Rdso/2008/El/Spec/0081 Rev O