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finnan haddie:

see codcod,
member of the large family Gadidae, comprising commercially important food fishes. The family, whose members are found in the N Atlantic and Pacific, includes the tomcods, the haddock, and the pollacks (or pollocks).
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Your cooked salmon and finnan haddock can now be flaked into a large warm pot or bowl.
Place the Finnan haddock in a wide bottom pan with the milk and bring to a gentle simmer.
The Finnan haddock fish cakes, however, were superb and Jan reckoned they were "probably the best I've tasted".
The types of fish available for use in this dish could be selected from smoked or fresh salmon, kippers, Finnan haddock or even crab.
Take the basics, Finnan haddock (or golden cutlets), potatoes, onions, leeks, milk and cream.
The poached Loch Finnan haddock caught my eye, while Jim remembered it was nearly Burns Night and ordered the waiter to pipe him in some haggis, neeps and tatties.
Finnan haddock provides a very tasty alternative to salmon.
Next time, I'll try one of the home-made pizzas or perhaps the Penne Pasta "Scozzese" with Finnan Haddock and cream.