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see fjordfjord
or fiord
, steep-sided inlet of the sea characteristic of glaciated regions. Fjords probably resulted from the scouring by glaciers of valleys formed by any of several processes, including faulting and erosion by running water.
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, fiord
(esp on the coast of Norway) a long narrow inlet of the sea between high steep cliffs formed by glacial action
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Peter's was the only church in the Inuit hamlet of Grise Fiord, which has a population of about 130.
This fiord, in an area that experiences rain more than 200 days yearly, was discovered in 1812 by Welsh captain John Grono.
"So we can reach the Fiord West reservoir from our existing drill sites."
My analysis of the weather station temperature records indicated that mean temperatures are rising more significantly towards the end of the growing season (July) and in the late autumn and winter months (September to February) than at the beginning of the growing season (May and June), which reflects the general Arctic climate change pattern and concurs with my Tanquary Fiord temperature analysis.
I did not come to Norway looking for you, but you are everywhere, your A Minor Concerto pulsating with the hairpin loops of our bus high above the fiords. And to Mozart, in "Counting Mozart":
Given that there are numerous mountainsides in the country, when one of them lets go and sends a wave of rocks into the waters of a narrow fiord, the confining conditions of those high cliffs can create a monster wave 73 metres tall.
"This is particularly useful in pharmacies because there are a limited number of types of processes, and there's a lot of data tracked to support the analysis," explains Jim Albert, principal and vice president at Fiord Coplan Macht (Baltimore).