fire block

fire stop

fire stop
In a concealed, hollow construction, a material or member which fills or seals the open construction to prevent or retard the spread of fire.
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the pirkanmaa rescue department acquires a fire block for training use in a training area built around the kangasala fire station.
Johns Manville aM), a leading building products manufacturer, has launched JM CladStone Water & Fire Block Insulation, a non-combustible continuous insulation mineral wool product.
Starr Aircraft has been a leading manufacturer of aircraft products for the global commercial aviation sector for more than 30 years; its product portfolio includes interior upholstery, curtains, carpet, and fire block fabricated goods.
Red Devil[R] Foam & Fill[R] Fire Block Foam Sealant is an expanding foam that adheres to wood, glass, metal, masonry and plastic on pipes, electrical outlets, vents and foundations to inhibit the passage of fire through residential utility penetrations and to seal against gas, smoke and energy loss.
The inspector may require you to cover the new insulation with drywall (as a fire block) or leave some areas uncovered to allow for termite inspections.
In fact, unfaced fiber glass insulation is accepted by building and code groups as a fire block in wood frame walls.
It is a highly energy-efficient building that will be built on the fire block in Hegelstrasse.
: On the eastern land fire block will be accommodated with a floor space of about 15,000 mA 1-7 in a first phase, the Faculty of Engineering.
HEARTFELT Tributes left outside the flats and, left, blaze victim Catherine Hickman TRAGIC Thais and her little brother Felipe died in blaze SURVIVOR Rasheed DEATH TRAP Smoke billows from fire block
The passive fire protection materials market has been segmented based on products such as sealants, intumescent coatings, foams & boards, and others (including putties, mortar, cementitious sprays, and fire blocks).
A plastic crisp bag thrown on to a dying fire blocked their chimney in Gurteen, Co Sligo, causing carbon monoxide to be released into the sitting room.
One fire blocked our canyon exit and for several hours the only way out was on foot, but it was contained before we had to load our pets into our pockets and the essential envelope into a backpack.