fire control room

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fire command station

The principal location where the status of a fire-detection system, an alarm system, and a communications-and-control system are displayed, and from which all systems can be manually controlled.
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This is accomplished with an emergency elevator control panel located adjacent to the MXLV panel in the fire control room of each hotel.
Under Government proposals the North-east could become one of the first areas of the country to have a regional fire control room.
Controversial plans to create a single West Midlands fire control room will lead to a more effective and reliable service, a Minister has claimed.
The regional control centre is to replace Warwickshire's fire control room in Leamington.
Grampian Fire Board condemned the Strathclyde firemaster for suggesting a joint fire control room for the whole of Scotland be set up at his own brigade.
TRIBUTE: Shahid Malik (third left) with (left to right) firefighters Ian Straughan and John Banks, Fire Control Room Officer Kate Quinlan, and firefighters Lee Newman and Ted John
On Saturday June 25, a writer to these pages tried to justify a regional fire control room.
A fire control room spokeswoman said: "The portaloo door was shut when the Red Goddess crew arrived and they could not get in.
Tenders are invited for Request For Proposal Setup And Computerization Of Smart Fire Control Room @ Ghaziabad Fire Station, Uttar Pradesh Fire Services, Govt.
Ms Jones, a former fire control room worker, told AMs 20 people died in house fires in Wales every year, with 670 injured, yet no-one had ever died in a property fitted with sprinklers.
A COVENTRY fire chief is backing controversial plans to merge the West Midlands' fire control room with those in four neighbouring counties.
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