fire curtain

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asbestos curtain, fire curtain, safety curtain

A curtain which closes the stage of a theater from the auditorium automatically in case of fire, preventing the spread of flame and smoke; usually fabricated of woven asbestos and steel wire, it may be nonrigid, semirigid, or rigid.
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These questions are also, however, expressed through extensions of the logic of balletic grammar, and by the subversion of many theatrical conventions: the relationships between soloists and corps de ballet are unpredictable; the lighting alternately prevents or forces full vision; the fire curtain crashes down repeatedly during an exquisite double pas de deux.
THE Middlesbrough Little Theatre production of The Cemetery Club has had to be postponed due to a fault with Middlesbrough Theatre's fire curtain.
These include the installation of a permanent water supply of at least 40 tonnes with continuous pressure, water coils on each floor, fire curtains and fire-resistant materials.
"We have seen a lot of demand for our smoke and concertina fire curtains from our Middle East buyers," Brown tells Construction Week, suggesting the regional industry is keen to boost the fire-safety credentials of its large-scale developments.
"The fire curtains [were] automatically deployed and all 18 glass vents in the pyramid glass roof and mall roof area automatically opened to disperse the smoke," he said.
It is understood there is asbestos throughout the vessel including insulation on pipework, insulation on the two funnels and fire curtains.