fire escape

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fire escape,

in architecture, device, either fixed or movable, to facilitate escape from a burning building. In the United States the term usually is applied to the common iron balconies and stairways or ladders that give exterior egress from each floor to the ground. In England the term refers to a portable extension ladder that may be wheeled up to a burning building to enable occupants to escape when ordinary exits are cut off.
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Fire escape

A continuous, unobstructed path of egress from a building in case of a fire.
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fire escape

[′fīr ə‚skāp]
(building construction)
An outside stairway usually made of steel and used to escape from a building in case of fire.
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fire escape

A continuous, unobstructed path of escape from a building for use in case of fire.
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With a hoist, he leapt onto the fire escape in front of the building, unhooked the ladder and started helping people down - children first.
Inspections at those uncovered further serious deficiencies including blocked, locked and jammed fire escape doors, a fire alarm being isolated and the failure to maintain other firefighting facilities.
The influence of the location of the open door will be determined and the effect on the capacity of the pressurization fans will be estimated so that even though some doors may be open, the dedicated fire escape fans will still be able to keep smoke from entering the escape route.
ACCIDENT Kelvin Bradley fell from a fire escape after drinking alcohol
But with a new youth choir about to be launched there, Stiwt manager Rebecca Griffiths says replacing the fire escape is a matter of urgency.
In it she dances on a fire escape, which reflects her younger days, as Gaga explains: "I had a fire escape, outside my teeny-tiny apartment in New York.
walking with a fire escape just in case comes the other way.
Known for manufacturing the Protector Home Fire Escape Ladder, Calico Ladders will now offer a wide range of ladders and stands.
They had one unreachable fire escape, Wooden walls and floors like ours, years of wax Building rectangular plains of candles.
This is extremely important since if a fire occurs there are less than three minutes to escape and it is critical that every family has a well rehearsed fire escape plan.
Other guests who tried to use the fire escape discovered to their horror that it was wooden and was itself on fire.
The woman became separated and was stranded on a balcony for more than a quarter of an hour before eventually using the fire escape.