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fire escape,

in architecture, device, either fixed or movable, to facilitate escape from a burning building. In the United States the term usually is applied to the common iron balconies and stairways or ladders that give exterior egress from each floor to the ground. In England the term refers to a portable extension ladder that may be wheeled up to a burning building to enable occupants to escape when ordinary exits are cut off.
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Fire escape

A continuous, unobstructed path of egress from a building in case of a fire.
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fire escape

[′fīr ə‚skāp]
(building construction)
An outside stairway usually made of steel and used to escape from a building in case of fire.
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fire escape

A continuous, unobstructed path of escape from a building for use in case of fire.
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When Edwin Ramos got off a bus nearby on Thursday night, he saw people crammed onto the fire escape, their feet planted but their bodies leaning as far as possible over the railing to get space from the flames.
* Fire escapes: There are four interior stairwells with a 2.13 x 1.22 m (7 x 4 ft) door on each floor, the average gap around the doors is 2 mm (0.079 in.), and the shaft construction consists of concrete block.
Gaga added: "I would play David Bowie, and the Beatles, and the Rolling Stones, and Madonna, and Blondie and I would dance on my fire escape."
Are there fire escapes and do the fire alarms work properly, and were fire escapes blocked with junk?
The hotel's timber fire escape was badly burned in the blaze, raising questions about safety standards.
Environmental health officers also discovered blocked fire escapes, faulty wiring and no health and safety policy at Angharad's in Pontypridd.
Highly-flammable materials were stored underneath a fire escape
But because of its slight turn away from frontality, we can see that it is an empty facade, spooky and hollow-eyed, with nothing back of it--as the exposed armature behind it testifies, and the piece of detached scaffolding glimpsed next to it punctuates with preternatural precision: Standing off by itself, looking as much like a ladder to nowhere as the fire escapes whose form it mimics, that detail is isolate, a nonsensical and poignant puncture, and as such it points back to all the dim particularity that makes up the facade and the photograph that contains it.
The land manager who lights a fire may be held liable if that fire escapes and causes damage.
In the genome drift of archaeologies, buildings decline from art deco frieze, and fire escapes bar the languid sky that props up scalding billboards in late July.
An added benefit of floor pressurization is the reduction of the force necessary to open stairwell fire escape doors, which is always a concern for those attempting to enter the fire escapes.