fire exit

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fire escape

A continuous, unobstructed path of escape from a building for use in case of fire.
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As soon as we saw what was happening we went to the fire exit and got hold of the culprit until the police came.
Monarch 18-Series fire exit devices are used throughout the building on this type of application.
Kung ang iyong fire exit ay inside the building, the law requires that that must be enclosed para kung may usok man, hindi papasok yung usok don (If the fire exit was inside the building, the law requires that that must be enclosed to prevent the smoke from coming in)," Candido added.
This included fire doors not closing properly, no evacuation aids to support people to who lived on the first floor and a fire exit leading to a gate which was locked with a padlock.
A knife was recovered from the fire exit and later handed to police.
Suntay also asked the city's building official personnel to ensure that the establishments they are inspecting have adequate and fully functioning fire exits, fire alarms, smoke detectors and other fire safety equipment and facilities.
Danielle said Thom then threw her out of the club, using her body to open a fire exit before throwing her on the ground.
Inspectors found locked fire exits, cracked and broken masonry, faulty emergency lights and even an illegal helicopter pad on the roof of one factory.
The fencing and fire exit gate will help eliminate the problems on the roofs and everyone agrees this has been a positive success.
A number of issues were discovered as a result of these visits, including glasses being used outside one pub when the licence requires polycarbonate versions, a hammer and other potential weapons being left within customer's reach, a locked fire exit and lack of fire risk assessments.
But a new report into the tragedy published this week revealed how following the horrifying accident, investigators discovered a fire exit in the ground floor annexe, where the tragedy happened, had been nailed shut.