fire hydrant

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fire hydrant

a hydrant for use as an emergency supply for fighting fires, esp one in a street

Fire Hydrant


a stationary device for obtaining water from an outdoor water-supply system for fire-fighting purposes. There are underground and surface hydrants. Underground hydrants are set in covered wells, and water is obtained by screwing onto the hydrant a shaft with two water outlets for hose connections. One kind of surface hydrant is the column type, which supplies water for fire-fighting and domestic needs; it combines features of a hydrant shaft and a surface hydrant.

fire hydrant

[′fīr ‚hī·drənt]
(civil engineering)
An outlet from a water main provided inside buildings or outdoors to which fire hoses can be connected. Also known as fire plug; hydrant.

fire hydrant, fireplug

fire hydrant
A supply outlet from a water main, for use in case of fire.
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New fire hydrants cost the city about $1,600 a apiece.
All of California American Water's field staff have been trained to investigate fire hydrant use.
They are calling for the installation of more fire hydrants and a guaranteed water supply.
Leverage is a major problem with the current standard fire hydrant wrenches because of their short length.
I decided to look around for fire hydrants during my daily commute and was surprised that there really seemed to be fewer of them.
Fire officials are urging those who are able to do so, to shovel snow away from fire hydrants in case access is needed quickly.
Police have already arrested one teen for messing with a fire hydrant in Newcastle's West End.
J -- The six millionth fire hydrant in the country has been identified and recorded by ISO, which maintains the only national fire hydrant database in the United States.
NORTHRIDGE - At least one person was hospitalized Monday after a driver lost control of a pickup truck, which knocked down two light poles and a fire hydrant alongside a Northridge apartment complex.
ACIPCO will continue to serve those markets, in addition to providing a source of valve, fire hydrant and fire pump components for ACIPCO's American Flow Control Div.
Their book, You May Not Tie an Alligator to a Fire Hydrant (and Web site dumblaws.