fire loading

fire load, fire loading

1. The combustible contents or interior finish of a building per unit floor area, often expressed as pounds per square foot or as Btu per square foot.
2. The amount of fuel within a building which has the potential of burning and releasing heat to feed the growth of a fire.
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3) Although the fire loading is only acting on the side wall, the beam and column have a certain temperature by heat conduction as the side wall, beam, and column are connected by welding.
National Concrete Masonry Association staff is working on simplified fire loading finite element models, capturing the thermal effects of applied heat to concrete masonry units.
A North Wales Fire and Rescue Service spokeswoman said reasons why a smoke alarm would not activate "includes the fire being discovered prior to sufficient smoke being produced to activate the alarm, the occupants having an increased awareness of the dangers of fire and reducing the risk through minimising fire loading or simple actions such as closing kitchen doors to protect escape routes.
Removing combustible storage, refuse and vegetation to reduce the fire loading both within and outside the facility as well as help maintain the building aesthetically, which goes a long way in attracting a new user.
lot 2: vehicle structure with partly technical fire loading.
Total quantity or scope: 1 assistance LE[micro]schgruppenfahrzeug with technical fire loading.
Providing a means for LE[micro]schgruppenfahrzeuges HLF 20 according to DIN 14530-27 consisting of chassis, vehicle construction, technical fire loading and optional extras.
Total quantity or scope: Delivery of the chassis and help build a fire-fighting vehicle with 20 fire loading and technical assistance set / 1 vehicle.
Contract award: ro "technical support / logistics" with fire loading and technical equipment to e din 14502, 14505 and 30722 and din 1846
Contract notice: Purchase of a fire truck lf 20 kats to din 14530 part 8 with technical fire loading.
Delivery of a fire engine Duty Officer ELW 1 to DIN 14507/2 with construction and technical fire loading in 3 lots (lot 1 basic vehicle / chassis, lot 2 expansion / construction vehicle reason for MCU 1, Lot 3 Firefighting equipment).