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Loara A is equipped with a target-acquisition radar with a phased-array antenna and integrated fire-control set with an independent target tracking radar, a FLIR and TV camera, laser range-finder, and a powerful fire-control computer for calculating the ballistic trajectory of outgoing rounds.
Sixteen sealed canisters contain 15 missiles and a fire-control computer with GPS receivers, inertial platforms, radios, batteries, antennas and special purpose-computers.
PHOTO : The British Zengrange Morzen mortar fire-control computer is now in widespread use.
The legacy electro-mechanical fire-control calculator was replaced by a digital fire-control computer, greatly increasing the system's effectiveness.
The weapons station also includes night-vision sensors, a laser range-finder and a fire-control computer to help target moving vehicles.
The decisions to install a CDC fire-control computer and a SFIM stabilised commander's sight, coupled with a new interior design, correct two of Challenger 1's fundamental weaknesses.
PHOTO : Computing Devices produces this Milipac artillery fire-control computer. Where there is
These include replacing the laser rangefinder with a laser rangefinder/designator module and inclusion of LAHAT programming in the fire-control computer. The LAHAT is stowed in the standard ammunition rack and is handled just like any other round.
PHOTO : The Spanish Seimor fire-control computer, typical of several now in use in various armies around the world.
There will be new electronics for measuring target-trajectory data more rapidly and with higher accuracy and new software for the fire-control computer and radar that will increase resistance to jamming and improve the ability for the system to detect and track small-radar-cross-section targets, such as cruise missiles and small unmanned aerial vehicles.