fire-escape stair

escape stair, fire-escape stair

An interior or exterior stair, required by law, which provides an escape route in the event of fire.
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DBG Construction spent the last week constructing an exterior elevator and fire-escape stairs on the building's west side.
27 Annapolis offers first-class amenities for its residents, including a grand lobby; three high-speed elevators with key-card access; driver's lounge; 100-percent power backup generator; Professional property-management team; closed-circuit television in major security areas; fire-alarm systems; pressurized fire-escape stairs; garbage pick-up on residential floors; Exhaust systems in the kitchen and bath centralized mail room; underground cistern water tank; water reserve tank; double-glazed floor-to-ceiling windows; and sunlight and airway access from every room.
These otherwise rather daunting north walls are relieved by external fire-escape stairs intended to become informal social spaces in the hotter months.