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fireboard, chimney board, summer piece

A board or shutter-like device to close the opening of a fireplace when not in use.
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For the fireboard, cedar, cottonwood, and willow all work well.
It can hold up to six food probes to be monitored simultaneously, but the entry model comes with two food probes, a FireBoard FBX11 Thermometer, charger, ambient probe, grill clip and a quick start guide.
It was installed over one wheel well with plenty of fireboard.
The company produces a number of types of gypsum boards, known as drywall, including Westroc Fireboard, moisture and sag resistant board and finishing products which can help transform those stacks of drywall into the perfect room.
Gornall replicated an 1830s Harvey Dresser painted fireboard, a 42-inch by 41-inch decorative board placed in a hearth when not in use, for the Charlton Historical Society's Rider Tavern.
L rated fireboard in the interior walls, ceiling and door.
Their most recent success has been their move to become the sole supplier for corrugated fireboard transit packaging for major manufacturers RPC Containers.
Rigid Corrugated Ltd, manufacturers of corrugated fireboard packaging, have expanded their customer base within the frozen food sector by agreeing with Birmingham-based sausage supplier Tasty Bake, to supply the company with Rigid transit cases.
Fluorescent ink was incorporated into the new corrugated fireboard packaging design to ensure maximum visual impact at retail and Cash and Carry Outlets, The ink was colour co-ordinated to tie in with the 12 different flavours in the relaunched range, now called the Great British Crisp, and Rigid delivered the first batch of three-colour printed cases within five days of completion of the artwork.
FireBoard has launched a digital thermometer that will operate through a user's smartphone or through the web, helping to track temperature easily and remotely.
Invitation to tender: Milk And Milk Products For The Annual Needs Restaurant Elektron Which Operates Under Fireboard
8,500 m of cables in the areas of power supply, telecommunications, fiber optic cables and cat7 installation cables; conversion of three stock indicators for passenger information; about 9 fireboards.