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fireboard, chimney board, summer piece

A board or shutter-like device to close the opening of a fireplace when not in use.
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The delegation discussed with the Minister matters regarding duties and taxes on import of Medium Density Fireboard (MDF).
For the fireboard, cedar, cottonwood, and willow all work well.
"FireBoard utilizes both WiFi and Bluetooth to keep data synchronized in the cloud, allowing remote monitoring from anywhere easily.
Since the building output in Latvia fell by over 30 percent year-on-year in the second quarter of 2009, demand for plywood, fireboard and timber panels followed suit.
Louise Milligan, counsel for the Highlands and Islands Fireboard, said Mr Sharp took part in the game at the Scottish Fire Service Training School in Gullane, East Lothian, at his own risk.
The case involved Fireboard, a company that manufactured a variety of products containing asbestos from the 1920s through 1971, and its insurer.
Rigid Corrugated Ltd, independent manufacturers of corrugated transit and point-of-sale packaging products, have won the contract to supply Birmingham-based Molls Bacon with corrugated fireboard transit cases.
Occasionally, she would use house paint to decorate something like a fireboard, and her embroidered pictures were widely admired by both relatives and friends.
The fireboard is the shelf above a fireplace, usually called the mantelpiece" (p.
It was installed over one wheel well with plenty of fireboard. The stovepipe went far above the top of the bus.
The company produces a number of types of gypsum boards, known as drywall, including Westroc Fireboard, moisture and sag resistant board and finishing products which can help transform those stacks of drywall into the perfect room.
Gornall replicated an 1830s Harvey Dresser painted fireboard, a 42-inch by 41-inch decorative board placed in a hearth when not in use, for the Charlton Historical Society's Rider Tavern.