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"We're looking for a dog that represents the personality of firedog: fun, professional, loyal, quick, and intelligent," said Peter C.
I'm not even going to mention the fat content, because as I ate one, I became convinced that the heat index of the Firedogs actually burned the fat off before it could settle in my thighs.
Designed and developed by the Procom Consultants Group in partnership with WaltMar Systems Group and Firedog Communications of Thunder Bay, the portal has more than 600 pages of content that translates into 11 different languages.
Owner Justin Vail opened the business after the local Circuit City closed, where he was the lead technician for their computer repair service called Firedog. Vail offers free diagnostics, software installations and networking.
SOUTHWELL: 2.20 Wichita Lineman, 2.50 Action Spirit, 3.20 Bestofthebrownies, 3.50 Galaxy Spirit, 4.20 Argento Luna, 4.50 Roznic, 5.20 Firedog.
Best Buy launched its Geek Squad services unit in 2002 and Circuit City responded by launching its competing Firedog service in 2006.
Origins: In search of Early Wales, features the Bryn Celli Ddu stone from Anglesey, and the Capel Garmon firedog - a flamboyant expression of prestige and investment in the Iron Age.
Circuit City just launched Firedog. Even Costco is now offering in-home help to customers.
MEET South Wales Fire Service's new recruit - Firedog Sam!
1 The role of air power in the Malayan Emergency has since been documented in Malcolm Postgate, Operation Firedog: Air Support in the Malayan Emergency (London: HMSO, 1992).
He looked round for something to force it and could find nothing, not even a firedog. He ran to the embrasure in the outer wall and peered out.