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fire hydrant, fireplug

fire hydrant
A supply outlet from a water main, for use in case of fire.
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A lot of times I was described as `the fireplug.' But I'm the type of person where if you tell me I can't do something, well, I'm going to show you I can.
Glenn was built like a fireplug, around 5'6" tall and weighed around 175 lbs.
"He seduced everyone," Galoup mutters in his voiceover narration, exposing the rancor of a homely veteran (dog face on top of fireplug body) for the tall, slim newcomer with the almond eyes and faultless demeanor.
But DiNapoli, a red-haired fireplug of a woman, goes further.
The official stats had long given the fireplug power hitter a total of 190 runs batted in during that heavy-hitting season, until research by SABR members proved that the correct total is 1191.
Nevertheless, due to her sullen demeanour (plus her close-cropped hair and fireplug build) Jukic was nicknamed `the warden' by many of the foreign reporters.
The book abounds with people "exiting" vehicles and rooms, fleeing perpetrators, "sharp-jawed" supervisors, cops with "forearms big, like a steelworker," or "built like a fireplug," another with "Popeye" forearms, and so on.
Yet insurers are concerned, although secretly amused, when a statement like this is heard: "Being a managing partner of a law firm is like being the only fireplug in a neighborhood full of dogs." This is a clever statement, facetious and deprecating.
The meeting adjourns, and a fireplug of a man in shirtsleeves with short-cropped blond hair and wire-rimmed glasses strides purposefully into the room and thrusts his hand toward the visitor: "How are you?" he says.
The dark-brown fireplug of a teenager had been a standout football player in high school.
Archival copies of Bulldog Reporter, the Berkeley, Calif., based bimonthly newsletter that covers media relations, PR and communication were researched to pull some of the more flagrant flubs that have won its dreaded Fireplug Award."
The 22-year-old fireplug starts scoring goals again this season like they're free.