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fireside, ingleside

The hearth or space about the fireplace.
References in classic literature ?
One night, by the fireside at the light Anne saw Captain Jim's "life-book.
But, in his wooden way, he had observant eyes for Edwin; and when at the end of dinner, he motioned Edwin back to his own easy-chair in the fireside corner, and Edwin sank luxuriously into it after very brief remonstrance, Mr.
He closed the empty little drawer with a sigh, and shut and locked the escritoire, and came back to the solitary fireside.
One and all seemed to have caught the infection from the fireside circle, and were outvying each other in wild wishes, and childish projects of what they would do when they came to be men and women.
Flights of fancy gave place, in her mind, to a steady fireside glow, and I had already begun to perceive how, with the development of the conviction that--as time went on without a public accident-- our young things could, after all, look out for themselves, she addressed her greatest solicitude to the sad case presented by their instructress.
Woodhouse's kindness, felt his particular claim on her to leave her neat parlour, hung round with fancywork, whenever she could, and win or lose a few sixpences by his fireside.
The genial festival of Christmas, which throughout all Christendom lights up the fireside of home with mirth and jollity, followed hard upon the wedding just described.
And, on certain occasions in the experience of Cecilia and her sister, the most indulgent of fathers proved to be as capable of saying No, as the sternest tyrant who ever ruled a fireside.
For the most part, people gathered round their firesides, with an eye to their suppers, and watched the process of cooking comfortably indoors.
The alcoholics, drug addicts and mentally ill who flock to the Fireside muddle through life on a wing and a prayer' yet five minutes' stroll away there are designer stores selling pairs of shoes for pounds 300.
One such organisation is Fireside Communications, which has built its work force from 10 to 127 in three years.
4 million in Series A funding round led by Fireside Ventures.