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Finally, the comparison among the generated VPCs is implemented and the winner is compared with the given firing rate's threshold (FRT) (FRT is set as the condition to recruit a new VPC; it indicates the minimum firing rate that the generated VPCs should satisfy).
From (4), we know that the bigger the landmark's saliency value (that is to say, the better the landmark's robustness), the bigger its contribution to calculating VPC's firing rate.
At a certain firing rate, excess air should be optimized to a level with O2 in flue gas at the lowest possible level without CO produced or with CO level in an acceptable range.
For the study site boiler, at rated firing rate of 800therm/hr (23.
But over the next 24 hours, the cells responding to either eye-even the eye that had been temporarily patched-increased their firing rate back to the normal range.
The relationship between average firing rate and recruitment threshold was examined using linear regression analyses.
Another possibility is that ATR decreases the firing rate of striatal and/or SN neurons, decreasing DA release.
The spontaneous firing rate in adults from Purkinje neurons decreased approximately 20 percent, which researchers said indicates potential motor impairment.
Coordinated activity often rose without accompanying hikes in firing rates by individual neurons.
At the same time, neurons displayed roughly equal firing rates, regardless of whether they were linked to the dominant or the suppressed eye, Singer's team reported in the Nov.
They measured the firing rates of motion-sensitive neurons in the insects' brains while pictures of black, white, and gray stripes moved by the bugs.
In addition, the burner's flame-shaping technology allows it to produce stable flames over a range of oxygen-to-fuel ratios and firing rates.