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class="MsoNormalI am sure in the spirit of keeping jobs the Cotu boss no longer holds onto the old typewriters, copy typists and first-generation computers in his office or corresponds through postal services like in the 1970s.
Though their products are now bought by millions of people around the world, in 1976 the company's bosses - Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ron Wayne - hand-made just 200 of the first-generation computers. "We really couldn't believe our eyes," said a staff member at the recycling centre.
Today it's supercomputing and LANS; five years ago it was microcomputing; ten years ago it was microprocessing; 15 years ago it was virtual systems; 20 years ago it was minicomputing; 25 years ago it was third-generation computers; 30 years ago it was second-generation computers; and 35 years ago it was first-generation computers.