fish bladder

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fish bladder (fischblase)

fish bladder tracery
An ornamental motif of the late Gothic tracery, reminiscent in form of the air-bladder of a fish.
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Caption: Fish bladders being sold at a market in China.
The smuggling of totoaba fish bladders (selling for up to $20,000 each) by the hundreds of pounds from Mexican waters, leaving the fish near extinction, is one of the newer depredations that feed a demand in Asian markets that is eagerly met by criminals in the United States and elsewhere.
“They don't realize that dairy elements might be swimming around down there.” She added that during the filtering phase, distillers might use fish bladders, gelatin, and egg whites, among other vegetarian taboos.
Low frequencies provide essential information, because those are the ones that detect gas pockets in the seafloor and in the fish bladders. Transmitting a broad range of low frequencies is also critical, Jech said.
For centuries brewers have used a gelatin made from fish bladders to stop beer going cloudy.
"That tends to be in and out of the Animal-Free Shopper - which is published by the Vegan Society - because sometimes it can contain fish bladders to clear the liquid.
At the beginning of the novel, Fish is known by the (explicitly oedipal) name of Rex, but is nicknamed for a game he plays with his father - blowing up fish bladders into balloons, which he insists are "bellies" after recalling "a dim image" of a neighbor, who "had a baby and her belly had been big, big like these balloons." He shows the game to his friends, still calling the bladder-balloons "bellies," though his friends know better.
Vulcanization spurred the domestic manufacture of condoms, yielding American-made condoms that were cheaper than imported European condoms made from fish bladders or animal intestines.(20) The subsequent development of seamless condoms made of thinner latex, more appealing to users than earlier models, heightened condom demand.
Fish skulls Spread fans of the tails, Double-edged combs of fish vertebrae, Scalded chicken heads, Black wet feathers, Twisted chicken legs of waxen scales, Animal bones with marrow sucked out, Green fowl intestines tied in a knot Tubes of fish bones resembling needle samples, Double balloons of fish bladders
Finding a vegan beer can be a minefield, as many ales cask-conditioned are refined using isinglass, a form of collagen made from fish bladders.