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fish farming:

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the raising and harvesting of fresh- and saltwater plants and animals. The most economically important form of aquaculture is fish farming, an industry that accounts for an ever increasing share of world fisheries production.
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The move has sparked outrage among environmental and fisheries groups, who believe open-cage fish farms are harming the marine ecosystem, causing animal suffering and wiping out wild salmon.
The core elements of the draft proposal were shared by fellow MP Yousif Zainal, who said increasing investment in fish farms was an important opportunity for the country to create more jobs while also implementing the latest technologies in the field.
This enables us obtain healthy fish weighing 250g," he points out, adding that he sells a kilo of fish at S00.Kiboi is one of the three farmers in Kenya whose fish farms have been selected for the introduction of the pond recirculation technology to improve production.
"Right from its inception, we were tasked with a food security mandate," said Edmund Broad, Fish Farm's business development manager.
"After graduation from school, I told my parents that I want to leave country for abroad to earn money for my own fish farm," he says.
In the second phase, Sovannarith said the authority is working in conjunction with private firms to standardise the fish farms before turning them into a tourist attraction.
They said that there were many fish farms near the school and most of the owners turned the direction of dirty water toward the school time and again.
Fish Farm is also mandated to install 300 artificial caves every year for the three-year duration of the agreement.
According to detail two children Mohammad Ubrahim Shaikh-8 and Asad Ali Shaikh-9 were playing in front of fish farm near village Taj Mohammad Shaikh suddenly they slipped in fish form and drowned.
The City Police Station received a complaint by an owner of a private fish farm at Al Rughailat neighbourhood in Fujairah arraigning two people -- an Emirati and an Omani -- for stealing what he claimed was Dh50,000 worth of fishes from his farm.
The fish farm is located on the left bank of the River Grande, some 2 km from FURNAS reservoir, which provides water to the fish farm.
Request of best offers & proposals in 3 public auctions to sell fish produced from (a) Bersiq Fish Farm in Beheira, El Manzala Fish Farm in Dakahliya & (c) El Zawya Fish Farm in Kafr El Sheikh during the 2012/ 2013 season.