fish hawk

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fish hawk:

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, common name for a fish-eating bird of prey found near water in most parts of the world. The osprey, or fish hawk, Pandion haliaetus, has brown upperparts and a grayish white head and underparts.
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He says the most popular boat in his area has been the Fish Hawk 1650.
"The Fish Hawk Area is a large, family-oriented community and with its plans for continued growth, it made sense for us to open another location in this area so that we can continue to provide our current and future patients with quality care and convenience," said Dr.
Anglers can also look forward to the 1650 Fish Hawk's big stern livewell with its largest access door, making it easy to load and retrieve many sizeable catches.
JER FALCON (Falco Rusticolus) COLUMBIA JAY (Coruus Bullockii) WHITE PELICAN (Pelecanus Erythrorhynchos) FISH HAWK (Pandion Haliaetus) WHOOPING CRANE (Grus Americana) CALIFORNIAN VULTURE (Pseudogryphus Californianus) WHITE HEADED EAGLE (Haliaeetus Leucocephalus) HUNTER John James Audubon shot the birds in the American wilderness SNOWY OWL (Bubo Scandiacus) BIRD OF PAY Sotheby's worker Mary Engleheart & the rare copy of the 19th century work, valued at up to pounds 6million
The Raytheon Fish Hawk program integrates a wingkit, flight-control surfaces and a guidance system to a Mk 54 or Mk 46 torpedo, says Mark "Smoke" Borup, senior business development manager for Raytheon's advanced missiles and unmanned aircraft systems unit.
A fish hawk fell from a dead tree and thrashed the river,
Navy's High Altitude Anti-Submarine Warfare Weapons Concept competition, successfully demonstrating a new weapon system - the Fish Hawk - at the Eglin flight demonstration range in the Gulf of Mexico.
Peter had the fish hawk flying over Kings Parade, New Brighton, before it moved down the coast towards Wales.
The Osprey is a fish hawk brought back from near extinction by the good works of the EPA and supporting associations.
The Fish Hawk (157 feet), built for near-shore investigations, was earlier by 2 years, and she worked longer by 6 years.
I crawled out from my foxhole to see a fish hawk (or osprey) unglue itself from the surface of the water and begin to fly away heavily with a fish in its talons.