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Now, after gaining a business partner to share the workload, there are now fish tanks around South Wales, installed and maintained by Rhys' company.
Keeping those things in mind can help people successfully maintain fish tanks, according to Richard C.
Critically acclaimed by all and sundry, Fish Tank won the jury prize at this year's Cannes film festival and without a doubt newcomer Jarvis's portrayal of Mia is very powerful.
Yet Fish Tank is worthy of a wider audience beyond just one local screen - at Cineworld Broad Street.
Fish Tank will appeal to fans of social realism but it left me feeling I had just sat through an unpleasant and unrewarding cinematic experience.
The back half of the store glows blue from the numerous fish tanks back there.
This tabletop aquarium has the appearance of a flat-screen monitor, but actually is a space-saving, decorative fish tank that holds 2.
The top of the fish tank almost touches the ceiling.
Today, burned electrical equipment and a blackened fish tank, complete with coloured gravel and mini plastic trees, could be seen in the front garden.
In response to Ted's inquiry as to how he was, the young boy said, "My fish tank isn't working.
That's because the freshwater fish tank is less salty than the body fluids of the fish.
Now you can spruce up your dear queer's fish tank by bringing the giggling hero into his home (and closer to his heart) with the Bikini Bottom aquarium.