fishing wire

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1. A long tempered-steel, resilient wire, usually having a rectangular cross section, used by electricians in pulling wires through conduit or through an inaccessible space; the snake is threaded through first, followed by the wire.
2. A tool used by plumbers to unblock a pipe or sanitary fitting; usually a highly flexible metal wire, given a rotary motion by a crank at one end.
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"My older brother Salman was fishing on one of the Muharraq bridges when the fishing wire wrapped around his hand and the current pulled him in," he said.
AFW's vice president of Sales & Marketing, Mike Shields, said: "American Fishing Wire is proud to be the exclusive distributor of the LYNX Precision System for North America.
The vessel broke down after a large fishing wire got wrapped around its propeller.
Or take Bamburg's Untitled Variable, 2007, a jerry-rigged marriage of fishing wire and ceiling fans that whirl at different speeds, sweeping detritus--here a Band-Aid, there a cricket--dangling from their nearly invisible filaments, into a quietly intense vortex that cannot but echo the iconography of Keyser's dangling scientist.
He handbuilt his first guitar whilst at high school from a discarded cooking oil can, using fishing wire for strings.
Next time you're up a tree, take fishing wire and suspend one of these things as high up as you dare.
The three discs were attached to each other with fishing wire and hung from either the canopy or the hula hoop.
Or for an alternative, suspend a selection of baubles on "invisible" fishing wire and hang in a cluster at your window or above a fireplace securing at the ceiling with thumb tacks.
On one end of the facility, the fabric is woven on looms using fishing wire. These pieces of woven fabric are then seamed together in widths up to 40', taken off the loom and draped onto aluminum rolls.
I then attached one end of some 40lb breaking-strain fishing wire to the pin that activates the alarm, and the other end to a drain cover on my drive.
String together in two groups of three using fishing wire, leaving about 5 in.