fixed beam

fixed beam, fixed-end beam

A structural beam whose ends are fixed.
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The PBT system planned for the Centre will be equipped with Hitachi's spot scanning technology and will have 4 treatment rooms with rotating gantries as well as a fixed beam room.
WPE, being the first university-based proton therapy centre in Germany with three gantries and one fixed beam line, started treating patients in mid 2013 and has reportedly treated over 150 patients with proton beam therapy to date.
The Yamal 401 satellites total capacity would reach to 53 physical transponders or 88 equivalent (36 MHz) transponders that would inclide one fixed beam in C band and two fixed beams in Ku band.
The FSG-4080DC series double-column fixed beam grinders.
1) Following are the chip scope outputs for fixed beam forming for 16 element planar antenna array (4 by 4 matrix).
The low pass filter, fabricated here, is a fixed beam structure (Figure 3), which is a micro machined capacitive bridge.
The H-72 is commercial Eurocopter EC-145, which includes standard features such as air conditioning, jettisonable crew doors, an underwater locator beacon, Traffic Collision Avoidance System, and a fixed beam cargo hook.
Simple cantilever and fixed beam resonator structures that use electrostatic actuation were fabricated on 200 mm wafers in standard production tools, using materials and processes routinely employed for on-chip interconnect in a typical CMOS line.
Whereas fixed beam antennas continuously listen to the entire sector, a noise source anywhere in the sector will significantly degrade or even shut down communications over the entire sector.
A fixed beam system, for use in extremely busy environments where flow change is not critical, it is a quality product and competitively priced.
Light pens remain in direct contact with the surfaces upon which the bar codes are printed, using a fixed beam to read the symbology.