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A number representation scheme where a number, F is represented by an integer I such that F=I*R^-P, where R is the (assumed) radix of the representation and P is the (fixed) number of digits after the radix point.

On computers with no floating-point unit, fixed-point calculations are significantly faster than floating-point as all the operations are basically integer operations. Fixed-point representation also has the advantage of having uniform density, i.e., the smallest resolvable difference of the representation is R^-P throughout the representable range, in contrast to floating-point representations.

For example, in PL/I, FIXED data has both a precision and a scale-factor (P above). So a number declared as 'FIXED DECIMAL(7,2)' has a precision of seven and a scale-factor of two, indicating five integer and two fractional decimal digits. The smallest difference between numbers will be 0.01.
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Using the partial ordering "[less than or equal to]" on [], Ma introduced the notion of [C.sup.*] -algebra-valued metric spaces and gave the fixed-point theory for contractive or expansion mapping on such a space [30, 31].
The basic fixed-point index of f/p was constructed in [8], and called there the homotopy Lefschetz index, as an element
Therefore, we develop a non-interior point homotopy path-following method for solving fixed-point problems with inequality and equality constraints.
We consider the problem of finding the roots of a given real-valued equation f (x) = 0 on a closed interval D = [a, b], which we write as a fixed-point equation x = g(x).
Until recently for contact temperature measurements, the maximum defined fixed-point temperature was that at the freezing point of copper (at 1084.62[degrees]C).
This paper proposes hardware implementation of a simple conversion method for converting 16-bit fixed-point numbers to 64-bit IEEE 754 standard number and vice versa in Cyclone II from Altera, where, current dq PI controller uses 16-bit I/O bus.
The change from implementing a control algorithm in floating-point to fixed-point math can take a great amount of time, and overflows and underflows inherent in fixed-point operations can wreak havoc with control loops.
The new fixed-point 8000-F web-gauging system is described as a cost-effective, entry-level version of the TDi family of distributed measurement and control systems from NDC, Irwindale, Calif.
For example, multiple fixed-point sensors can be positioned across the web for either cross-axis or dual gap calendering applications.
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To see how we can transform this problem into a fixed-point problem, we consider the following equations:
Capability: Simulink Fixed Point version six is used to design and simulate fixed-point systems and to generate codes.

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