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Interestingly, pre-treatment with SFN (20 mg/kg) significantly reduced not only acute MeHg intoxication as determined by hind-limb flaccidity but also mortality after oral administration of MeHg (50 mg/kg) to wild-type mice (Table 1).
On day 2 of admission, the infant was transferred to pediatric intensive care unit (PICU) with lethargy, poor stimulus response, nonreactive pupils, complete head lag, weak cry, drooling, poor gag reflex, and generalized flaccidity.
The cattle that died or aborted at Brofiscin farm also exhibited similar symptoms of lethargy and flaccidity and loss of muscular control.
detection of low-molecular-mass plasma peptides in the cavernous and systemic blood of healthy men during penile flaccidity and rigidity-an experimental approach using the novel differential peptide display technology.
32) Those Christians who feared that modernism introduced a world of tactical flaccidity and intellectual dilettantism never read the vast corpus of modernist literature explicitly devoted to defining Christian method and determining correct modern uses.
It is not uncommon to find absent deep tendon reflexes with flaccidity in the lower limbs and the presence of an extensor plantar response.
Once a man starts to worry about his erection, he's in a vicious circle because anxiety leads to flaccidity.
Fuelled by flaccidity in capital markets, people are again promoting portfolios of rare books as investment vehicles.
If you worry about flaccidity and about getting a headache, you can be pretty sure that your anxiety will give rise to one or both problems.
Male anxieties that postcoital flaccidity is tantamount to invagination are at the heart of the sexual moralization of Ovid's and Beaumont's texts.
The therapy staff determines optimal body positions for the patient in terms of functional deficits, taking into consideration areas of flaccidity as well as excess tone.
A variety of other factors (not shown) can also regulate the contraction that maintains penile flaccidity.