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(flăjəlĕt`), small straight flute of conical bore, with a whistle mouthpiece. The number of finger holes varies, as does the length, which may be from 4 to 12 in (10.2–30.5 cm). The flageolet, related to the recorderrecorder,
musical wind instrument of the flute family, made of wood, varying in length, and having an inverted conical bore (largest end near the mouthpiece). Its tone is produced by an air stream against an edge, like that of the flute, but the air is conducted by a mouthpiece
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, was known as early as the 16th cent., its invention in 1581 being ascribed to Juvigny, a Parisian. It was in use until the end of the 19th cent.



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(1) A wind instrument, a type of end-blown flute with a cylindrical tube and finger holes, generally six. The most widespread type is the flageolet developed by Juvigny in Paris circa 1581, which has a beaked mouthpiece with a whistle device. A flageolet with keys was used in the 18th and 19th centuries in symphony and operatic orchestras; operas by Gluck and Mozart contain flageolet parts. The flageolet is now used as a solo instrument and in ensembles. It is a precursor of the piccolo.

(2) A whistling tone produced on string instruments by lightly touching a string at its center or at one-third, one-quarter, and so on, of its length. The sound produced resembles the sound of the instrument (hence the name).


Targonskii, Ia. B. Flazholety smychkovykh instrumentov. Moscow, 1936.


a high-pitched musical instrument of the recorder family having six or eight finger holes


2, flageolet bean
the pale green immature seed of a haricot bean, cooked and eaten as a vegetable
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1/2 pound (about 1⅛ cups) dried flageolets, soaked at least 6 hours in 1 quart water, then drained (use small white beans if you cannot get flageolets)
460g pack mixed beans (such as edamame, flageolet, haricot, black or kidney beans)
Why do I have to suffer, why can't I simply tell him how the fire groaned in the fireplace and scattered light about, its warm reflections embracing my body, and I lit up, even now I light up, if only when I think about it, waves run down my body, then they go up again--listen to that flageolet, and not only to this one, the whole series of flageolets lined up in the air, and one could almost see how they were perched on invisible lines in the air--amazing violin, amazing hands
Two main courses that have made the culinary shortlist are either turbot, braised oxtail and parsley or roast rump of lamb, flageolet puree and balsamic dressing both hewn from John Campbell's superb cookbook, Formulas For Flavour.
It's good these days - I always eat three vegetables with my meal, in particular I love flageolet beans.
As you can imagine, the choice of food in the restaurant is immense from coq au vin, lamb legs with flageolet to salmon dumplings with lobster and fish sauce and even a fresh black pudding.
plus three appendices: Dutch references to the recorder and flageolet after 1800 (7 pp.
Its famous leg of lamb, which can be a little on the rare side for British tastes, is often served with flageolet beans.
Oddities include the double flageolet, which had a decent run for a few years as a novelty instrument and as a tool for training caged singing birds.