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The pages of the book are filled with black and white photos of each 'flak' house and its aircrew guests.
In childrenCOs words, Karman explained to her audience of young learners, C[pounds sterling]Flik, the blue and white C[pounds sterling]big brotherC[yen] minute hand, is taller and older than Flak and, of course, he can walk faster.
In addition to the Kevlar helmet and flak jacket, the Marine Corps will incorporate the kneeling position at certain distances of the range.
Once the weights for the Stewards' Cup were announced (usually a month or so before the race), Flak Jacket would have a rating somewhere in the mid to low 60s, a mark he was more than capable of winning off.
When fully developed the Kriegers Flak project will be one of the world's largest offshore wind farms.
Nothing of interest on way across France and the flak over Stuttgart told us we were on track.
His plane riddled with flak and burning fiercely with two dead crewmen in the back, Bush had to bail out into enemy waters.
Michael Willard, author of "The Flak: A PR Journey," has done all that and more in his 30-plus years in the PR business.
THE flak jacket worn by Sgt Steven Roberts was destroyed shortly after his death in the Iraq war, it emerged today.
It was reported that, with the flak jacket intact, investigators could have pinpointed exactly where the two bullets entered and whether they would have been stopped by the protective plates.
VENUS WILLIAMS revealed she faced sister Serena in pain to try and halt the savage flak that's dogged their sibling rivalry.
In addition, privately owned airports have taken flak from airlines for excessive fees and from consumers for poor conditions--Jalisco state Governor Francisco Ramirez Acuna last year even called Guadalajara's airport a "porqueria," or rubbish.