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flame test,

test used in the identification of certain metals. It is based on the observation that light emitted by any element gives a unique spectrumspectrum,
arrangement or display of light or other form of radiation separated according to wavelength, frequency, energy, or some other property. Beams of charged particles can be separated into a spectrum according to mass in a mass spectrometer (see mass spectrograph).
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 when passed through a spectroscope. When a salt of the metal is introduced into a Bunsen burner flame, the metallic ion produces characteristic color in the flame. Some metals and the colors they produce are: barium, yellow-green; calcium, red-orange; copper salts (except halides), emerald green; copper halides or other copper salts moistened with hydrochloric acid, blue-green; lithium, crimson; potassium, violet; sodium, yellow; and strontium, scarlet. The value of this simple flame test is limited by interferences (e.g., the barium flame masks calcium, lithium, or strontium) and by ambiguities (e.g., rubidium and cesium produce the same color as potassium). A colored glass is sometimes used to filter out light from one metal; for instance, blue cobalt glass filters out the yellow of sodium.
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Antimicrobial activity (AATCC 147) flammability (45o Flame test ASTM D 1230
The elastomer provides flexibility, tensile strength and oil resistance, and is designed to pass the CSA's FT4 vertical flame test.
In February 2013, the proposed regulation included recommended changes in fire safety regulations that would, among other changes, eliminate the state's open flame test for upholstered furniture.(2) The new modified version of the proposal postpones the implementation date for six months.
The yellow material was subjected to a flame test and found to first melt and then burn almost completely.
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The advanced flame-retardant (FR) resin passes the stringent Underwriters Laboratories (UL) VW-1 flame test, and is helping manufacturers like LTK meet tough global requirements for halogen-free parts while delivering a virtually perfect balance of exceptional high-performance properties.
In addition, the 250V and 1 kV BFOU-HCF series, which contain a mica glass tape, pass both the IEC 60331-21 gas flame test for a minimum of 90 minutes at 750[degrees]C as well as IEC 60331-31 with hammer shock for 120 minutes at 850[degrees]C without short circuiting.
It is essential that fabrics pass the Vertical Flame Test ASTM 191 A Method 5903, which measures the char length and after flame before and after 25 launderings.
Upholstery fabrics could be made to pass a 20-second open flame test, most commonly through the use of flame retardant chemicals.