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Spanish music and dance typical of the RomaniRomani
or Romany
, people known historically in English as Gypsies and their language.

1 A traditionally nomadic people with particular folkways and a unique language, found on every continent; they are sometimes also called Roma, from the name of a major
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 (Gypsy), or gitano. Flamenco dancing is characterized by colorful costumes, intense and erotic movements, stamping of the feet (zapateado), and clapping of the hands (palmada); its execution is brilliant, noisy, and passionate. Flamenco music is believed to have originated in the early 19th cent. from the canto hondo [Sp.,=deep song] of Andalusia, a highly emotional and tragic type of song accompanied by a guitar. By the mid-19th cent. flamenco had become a generally popular entertainment form, and it subsequently flourished, both in its pure form and with the addition of elements from ballet, folk music, jazz, and other forms. Among the most notable flamenco dancers have been La Argentina (Antonia Mercé y Luque, 1890–1936), Vicente Escudero (1892–1980), La Argentinita (Encarnación López Júlvez, 1898–1945), Carmen Amaya (1913–63), José GrecoGreco, José
, 1918–2001, Spanish-American dancer and choreographer, b. Italy. Greco emigrated to the United States as a child. He first appeared as a professional dancer in New York in Carmen
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, El Bailarín (Antonio Ruiz Soler, 1921–96), El Farruco (Antonio Montoya Flores, 1936–97) and his grandson, Farruquito (Juan Manuel Fernández, 1982–), and Jesús Carmona (1986–).


See D. E. Pohren, Lives and Legends of Flamenco: A Biographical History (1964) and The Art of Flamenco (1971); J. Serrano, Flamenco, Body and Soul: An Aficionado's Introduction (1990); T. Mitchell, Flamenco Deep Song (1994); Flamenco (film, 1995), dir. by Carlos Saura.


1. a type of dance music for vocal soloist and guitar, characterized by elaborate melody and sad mood
2. the dance performed to such music
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Mientras tanto, los artistas que no participaban en los encuentros fabricaban tambien sus bagajes de vivencias cruzando otras fronteras: principalmente, belgas que recibian clases de renombradas bailaoras en Sevilla, en Jerez o en Madrid, que acudian a lugares del flamenco en Granada y que asistian a espectaculos de artistas de primera fila.
The five dancers performed a dance show using the Flamenco techniques which depend mostly on moving legs repeatedly and stomping the ground, combined with a movement of the hands fired with passion, power and emotion.
En ese tu por tu entre el de Granada y el del Puerto de Santa Maria se cifraban muchas cosas, la vieja disputa por la "pureza" del cante, el viejo celo entre los de Cadiz y Jerez por el monopolio del flamenco, o el eterno debate entre los que consideran el flamenco como un arte exclusivo de la raza "cale" y menosprecian el arte de los "payos".
Initially the star attraction in the Restaurante Antonio in Covent Garden, Pena generated so much interest among a British public previously uninitiated in Flamenco that he soon found himself sharing concerts with artists such as Jimi Hendrix, and made his solo debut at Wigmore Hall in 1967.
His latest production titled Souleria is an unprecedented production that fuses flamenco with R&B and soul modalities.
Autentica encrucijada de civilizaciones, Espana ha visto pasar por su suelo a romanos, visigodos, arabes, africanos, judios y gitanos, y estos ultimos fueron quienes acabaron de darle forma al flamenco.
Martin will be at Aberystwyth Arts Centre to perform his own compositions, supported by a line-up of the finest musicians and flamenco dancers.
Today the dance centre played host to flamenco-themed workshops, performances from some of the world's best flamenco dancers and a final festival fiesta.
Hailing from different parts of Spain and with varied flamenco backgrounds they have put together a show that clearly highlights the variety of styles and tones that exist within flamenco, to the advantage of their breathtaking skill.
With a unique styleA blending African percussion, Cajun accordion, classical cello and pop vocals with the rumba flamenco style, Cook has an exciting and original fusion feel in addition to a trademark groove-oriented flamenco style.
The talented troubadour has traded in his Native American flute for a flamenco guitar and the result is simply amazing.