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(jargon, person)
(Or "pain in the net") One who habitually flames. Said especially of obnoxious Usenet personalities.
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To communicate emotionally via electronic means. Just as people might argue what is polite behavior and what is not, whether an email message or blog post is flaming or not is also in the eye of the beholder. Vulgar cursing would definitely be flaming, however. See netiquette, Internet troll, flame war and holy war.

Flame virus

A very sophisticated cyber espionage virus targeting computers in the Middle East and discovered in 2012. A very large and complex virus that uses various methods to hide itself and spoof antivirus software, Flame was designed to grab local and network data, including Skype video sessions. Also called "Flamer" and "SkyWiper," unlike Stuxnet, which was targeted at industrial controllers, Flame is a general-purpose virus for Windows PCs that can be remotely commanded to perform myriad surveillance tasks. See Stuxnet.
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Flamer also appears to allow the attacker to activate different functions, meaning that the attacker can choose what to do on a target device, and depending on the attack, the malware will appear different in terms of behaviour at different times.
Thanks to CPAs Jim Counts and David Flamer for their contributions to this column.
Dykeman, C., Daehlin, W., Doyle, S., & Flamer, H.
So don't be a flamer. Harassing someone on the Net can get you kicked off an online service and may even result in you being charged with a crime.
One who routinely sends out electronic insults is called flamer. Don't let flamers frighten you into becoming a lurker - one who reads messages but never posts anything.
Through a blend of MicroSafe cellulose acetate and Trevira FR polyester flamer etardent fibers manufactured by Hoechst, the textiles achieve their permanent anti-microbial and flame-retaraent characteristics.
The current user and interest groups have trouble maintaining their boundaries; once a flamer finds you, he can drop in anytime.
Another Hartlepool boat, Flamer II, has also been among the decent fish.
UNABLE to get on a boat out of the Tyne, Paul Longstaff, Peter Dunleavy and Bryan Warren opted to fish out of Hartlepool on Flamer 11, but fate had dealt them a good hand.
"Aye, the sap's gone right out of the little flamer if you asks me."
David Flamer answered listener tax questions over KROQ-FM in Los Angeles Feb.
Anthony Flamer, 24, of 14 Halford St., Gardner, speeding, responsible, filed; operating a motor vehicle while license suspended, sufficient facts found but continued without a guilty finding until Aug.