flap back

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blow back

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Side view of blowback due to change in wind from the front.
The movement of rotor blades away from the relative wind without any control input. Also called flap back or flapback.


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Side view of flapback due to change in wind from the front.
The changes in the helicopter disc attitude that occur without any control movement by the pilot. In forward flight, the rotor disc has a natural tendency to tilt back (longitudinally) because of the dissymmetry of lift that would be produced if the advancing blade was not allowed to reduce its angle of attack and the retreating blade increased its angle of attack. Also called blow back and flap back.
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Non-absorbable sutures were used to anchor the bone flap back into place following a craniotomy but they were associated with unwanted outcomes including functional and cosmetic defects as well as non-union and failure postoperatively.1 The craniofacial region is the most important part of the body with regards to harmony and symmetry and associated with self-image of the patient and modern day craniofacial surgery includes in itself the standard practice of maintaining this harmony and restoring the normal appearance for every patient to every possible degree.
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Perhaps the most prevalent jig trailer today is the wide-clawed crawfish style, one that adds bulk and vibration as the paired claws flap back and forth, creating a thump you can easily feel through the rod.
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